Our policy

Most people with GID are still placed in the very difficult situation, because they often receive the strong prejudice and distinctionfrom the society they belong. The same abhorrence also targets the family of the GID people, making this problem more complicated.

If you quickly through the web sites, you will find a lot of assertion from the viewpoint of the GID people themselves. On the otherhand, the problem of his or her family has not been discussed enough. We must admit the difficulty to treat this matter, because thedifferent family has different background. Everything can be more confusing when children were involved. Still we do believe it isthe time to start something. Things only get worse if you we do nothing.

The important thing is that the both GID people and his or her family equally have the right to live their life peacefully and happily.GID people should pay the enough respect to the right of his or her family before to chase their own desire, or their family may feelunfair. We expect that the families can work together, share the feeling with the GID people act against the discrimination.The cooperation, not the confrontation must be the key. Based on this idea, TFN is now trying to spotlight the problem lying betweenthe GID people, their family and the society.

If GID people has spouse, divorce could be the easiest solution. One might feel that splitting up with the black sheep make thingsbetter for another people in the family. It is undeniable option to obtain a quick relief. However, we strongly encourage the peoplewith gender issue, and their families and friends to take all necessary efforts to avoid the disruption. Please learn about thediversity and equity. Although the way is never simple, if you work it out in a positive manner and successfully re-established thenice relationship, you will find you are all in the very good team connected tightly by the mutual trust.

The purpose of TFN is to contribute the partners, families and friends of people who have issues with gender by providing variousaction and service, as well as the GID people themselves.We collect the needs of the people with GID and their families to educate the people relevant to the gender issue and general public.We believe such an action also contribute to the construction of the desirable society which acknowledges the human right and the dignity.